• ayakaly2016

Love in the smallest gestures

For all my Israeli readers...I apologize in advance for the English but the words flow better this way. During my years of study of Aura Soma (color therapy) I learned the meaning of the words "DIVINE LOVE". It's quite simple to explain yet not always easy to see or feel. The meaning is the delivery or receipt of gestures of love. It can be a glance, a silent nod, a pat on the back or so much as a song playing on the radio that uplifts you spirits....Here is the catch. This notion....gesture can come at any given time and is unlimited. The "DIVINE" or whoever you call the divine wants for us human beings to receive his or her divine love unconditionally and by all means. Divine Love can be at your disposal at an given time or in any situation....My questing is: "Are we (our hearts) opened to see the divine love around us?" Or here's another question: "When is the divine love we offer not it sinc with what we receive or allow ourselves to enjoy." I can can offer my perspective however, fortunately for me I can also offer Aura Soma as one of my tools to receive divine love.

I loved sharing my heart and hope with you today. Greetings for a day full of Magenta....

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