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The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing — Socrates

My tip for today is to allow yourself to be in the "unknown". The thing about being in this state of mind is that there is always room to learn more about ourselves. Often I hear from my patients the words: "I don't know, but...". In turn I ask them what do you know at this moment? Whatever that is let it be your guide. When we run our lives presuming to know what every step will lead to and what the outcome will be to every one of our actions we are often disappointed by the outcome. However, I believe and practice the belief that I am empowered with the ability to learn new things at any given moment. Anotherwords, previous thoughts or knowledge can be altered. Perceptions can change based on new wisdom. I choose not to fear this constant change and therefore am always in the learning process. When we allow ourselves to change we actually enable learning new habits and inturn new experiences. So my choice for today is to embrace the unknown. This Equilibrium bottle has been my guide for this process.

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